Welcome to Fox Creek Ranch, home of the Canadian Aubrac Connection!

Fox Creek Ranch is located in east-central Saskatchewan, nestled between the Assiniboine River and the Duck Mountains, just 9 miles from Kamsack, Saskatchewan (here's a map!).

We run a grain and cattle farm, specializing in Aubrac cattle. The Aubrac breed originated in southern France where there is  tough terrain and climate, with extreme temperature differences and uncertain quality and quantity of pasture and hay. These cattle have been selected for their foraging ability.

Aubrac are deep gutted, moderate framed and rugged cattle ... ideally suited to the demands of today's pasture-based beef system.

We recently moved from the Peace Country in Northern Alberta to a small community, Kamsack, in east central Saskatchewan.  We have downsized our herd from 500 to 25 head of Aubrac cattle.  We have imported embryos from France to increase our genetic base.  We also have a full blood Aubrac cow in the research program at the University of Florida.  The Aubrac’s calm nature, ease of calving, disease resistance and forage abilities work well for us.

The Aubrac's calm nature, ease of calving, disease resistance and foraging abilities work well for us, as Nancy must often manage the herd alone while Dave is away working in the oil industry.

What's New for 2013

We are patiently waiting for the importing of our calves from Montana. With these calves we have some great combinations such as Cassie x Firestone, Ultimate x User Friendly, and Ultimate x U Go Girl.  Beginning at the end of April we are anticipating some great looking calves from our herd sire Ultimate.

We are extremely proud of 3 animals produced from our French embryos.  Ultimate is the fullblood son of one of the top French bulls, Impresario.  Fullblood sisters User Friendly and U Go Girl are daughters of prominent French pedigree as well.

We have 3 daughters of Cassie X Maximus.  We expect great offspring from them as well.  These heifers have been exposed to Ultimate and are due to calf this summer.

Fox Creek Ranch has recently implanted embryos of Cassie X Firestone, as well as Ultimate X User Friendly.  We are eagerly awaiting these arrivals.  We anticipate some superior calves!

FCR has also purchased shares in Union Station, a Hunt Limousin bull who carries the double poll gene.  We are excited to have added these genetics to our herd.

Cassie, our fullblood cow, is still at the University of Florida where they are crossing different breeds to develop a cross which handles the heat.  The results with the Aubrac are very promising.

We are looking forward to a very exciting year ahead of us!  Happy calving to everyone!